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Malnutrition: A Bruising Battle

Pale faces…hollow cheeks…thin skin….sunken eyes...lack of muscle mass, this was what I found when I look at the faces of the unprivileged population of India. Malnutrition is the name given to all the above listed problems. Malnutrition refers to the condition which...

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Understanding Charity

On certain occasion, we all have philanthropic urges, urges to help, to charity and that certain urge is what maketh the invisible conduct of oneself. Our very perspective of understanding the world is solely on the basis on what we tend to...

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A man, A women and A child

One day after the school I was sitting with my friend on my scooter pleasantly under the shadows of a tree. The place where we were resting was not so far from our school. The place where we were resting was having a pleasant atmosphere, sunny...

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National Youth Day

Often we might wonder, what kept those thousands of people spell bounded to what Swamiji spoke in Chicago? For us they might be words, but for them, those were truth about values, service, patriotism and selflessness. There might be shadow...

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Step Forward, Lead A Change

There is a huge hump of people lying in the zone of poverty. There are many people who are dying because of malnutrition and hunger. There are lots of people who are in a dire need of help. They want miracles like food, shelter and medicine,...

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