One day after the school I was sitting with my friend on my scooter pleasantly under the shadows of a tree. The place where we were resting was not so far from our school. The place where we were resting was having a pleasant atmosphere, sunny day, quietness….My friend was clicking the photos of the notes from my copy which were done in the class today. We were enjoying, laughing and sharing talks with each other then suddenly from somewhere a vehicle come across and stop beside us. The vehicle was mounted by a man, a lady and a child, which were looking very poor from their appearances. They stopped their vehicle close to us and unmounted from it. The vehicle was looking like a rickshaw without a roof and they parked it by the roadside. The man was sitting in the front and was driving the vehicle and at the back there was a lady sitting who was holding a child in her arms. They then find some clear space under the tree and then spread the blanket there and then she lay down the child on the blanket as the child was sleeping. After laying down the baby on the blanket the man and the women also sat down next to the child. After taking some rest the lady rose and went toward the their vehicle and take out a bottle of water and lunchbox from it. She then placed the bottle and the lunchbox between them and opened the lunchbox to eat the food. Shen then opened the lunchbox and there was just one ‘kachori’ — a type of food which is made from pulses and wheat flour. Only one piece of ‘kachori’ to suffice the thirst of two stomachs. The child was sleeping on the roadside on a blanket and they both, man and women were eating food from that lunchbox. They were happy as I observed them, they have such little food, no place to live but still they were happy. They were happy with all the thing which they have. These are the people which take the least from the world but suffer the most from the same place. They are in a well which is filled with the water of poverty and they are drowning in it day by day and they need a rope of help to come out from this situation. We say that the world is connected and all of our lives is connected to each other, so if this true and if every life is connected then why do not we repair those broken lives for a proper functioning of this server and this system.


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