As a Non-Profit Non-Government Organization working in the field of education, we need to share information with our volunteers on a daily basis. We used to share the information through social media and other messaging services which were totally dependent on Internet and it was after an audit that we realized we weren’t able to reach everyone as some volunteers wished to remain offline during daytime and other specific hours. With MSG91, our dependency on Internet services has become non-existent and now we’re able to reach everyone and most importantly on-time. We’re able to convey all the information in the form of text messages. And, the best part is we’re using the Excel add-on which really works like a charm. All we’ve do to is, just frame the content, paste it into the Excel sheet and with just one click our messages are delivered.

Delivery reports are one of the MSG91 feature which is really helpful for us. We actively track the reach of information. Though it never happened until now, but in case of switched off mobile or out of reach, we then try to reach the volunteer through other methods. So it gives the exact reach of the information and tells us where we need to work upon further.

SendOTP: We’re using this OTP infrastructure in integration with our Charity sale portal. We are getting 100% results in the delivery and the delivery time as well.

Overall, we’re highly satisfied with the services provided by MSG91 and also grateful that MSG91 is providing their quality services for no charge at all to support us in the kind initiative for a better society.

Thanks MSG91 for your support!

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