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Step Forward, Lead A Change

There is a huge hump of people lying in the zone of poverty. There are many people who are dying because of malnutrition and hunger. There are lots of people who are in a dire need of help. They want miracles like food, shelter and medicine,...

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Youth Of Today, Youth Of Tomorrow?

When I look back constantly upon the very events that drove ourselves to this present circumstance, I feel indignant of certain occurrences. You see, dear readers! Our very basis of accomplishment, be it in any field, is solely on...

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Discrimination – A Social Evil

Discrimination is a kind of social evil which is prevailing in every society of this planet. There is always some kind of discrimination present, like it may be a racial discrimination or the caste discrimination or it can be the social...

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Education – A road to development

Today our world is surrounded by so many problems. There is a civil war in Syria and terror attacks in London. There is poverty in one place and illiteracy in another. We have Global Warming and Green House Effect to add up more heat to the...

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Yatra naaryastu pujyante ramante tatra devata| yatraitastu na pujyante sarvastatrafalaa kriya|| -Manu Smriti   What do you understand of being a woman? Who is she? What is the meaning of her existence? What does her very subsistence appeal...

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Let animals show their real colors

Bright Colours, water balloons, lavish gujiyas and melodious songs are ingredients of perfect Holi. But with this perfect Holi comes the nightmare for hundreds of stray animals of being doused in colours by children to having colours thrown...

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