There is a huge hump of people lying in the zone of poverty. There are many people who are dying because of malnutrition and hunger. There are lots of people who are in a dire need of help. They want miracles like food, shelter and medicine, but all these basic things are luxury to them which they can’t afford. All these sufferings which they are experiencing is the waste product of many years of war and lack of infrastructure. One while living under such harsh circumstances can experience cold winds which are impinging their thin sheath of skin, at that time these cold winds are like sharp arrows which are piercing through their skin and killing them from cold. At that time one does not have any piece of cloth to cover the naked body from the brutal weather, at that time one cannot imagine life as a beautiful journey full of bliss and joy but of suffering and asperity. It is a bitter truth that sometimes for the sins of one person, another person get punished. They also have the right to live life joyfully, they did not take birth to suffer from all these ailments, they also deserve good food and proper shelter, they are also a part of this cosmos and hence they need justice.


There are still many people in the world which are living miserably under these harsh circumstances, all they want is a little help. It is very tough to see small children’s who did not have even a piece of cloth to cover their body and a bite of food to suffice the thirst of their belly. It is very disheartening to see children’s with garbage bags instead of school bags. It is very sad to see children’s going to roads to pick up garbage instead of schools to attain knowledge. There are many children’s which are still surrounded by the dark atmosphere of poverty. So I would like to request you all to please contribute towards these causes to bring a change. Even a little spark only needs some air to turn into a big fire likewise these under privileged peoples need some help to make their life stable. Like a butterfly also needs feathers to fly and likewise we can provide them these feathers to fly in the form of education, shelter, food etc. So they can come out from this deep well of poverty and elevate their lives.

The world is like a human body which is divided into organs and subdivided into tissues and cells. Every cell, every tissue and every organ has to help each other for a better functioning of our body and to keep our body healthy. When an ailment occurs in a body every cell triggers a alarm and every cell contributes to help each other to alleviate our body from suffering. These causes like poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy and others are the ailments and we are the cells, we have to start helping and acting towards these causes for a better functioning of this world, otherwise this body will continue to suffer and at one day will rot and die. The change we want to see in this world is in our hands, so why not make this world a better place.


Ready to do your part for this cause?