छलनियों में क़ैद मुस्कुराहट को कब तक क़ैद रखोगे बाबूजी, इनका छन कर स्वरूप लेना तय है .

Above quotation got cherished this Sunday when our little ones of पाठशाला performed on Stage at SJ Public School, Jaipur.

Their performance was appreciated by every single person present and they were amazed to see, if opportunities be provided to the underprivileged children, they can do wonders.

सनद रहे कि ये बच्चे भिक्षावृत्ति त्यागकर पढाई की ओर लौटे है। We are committed towards providing better childhoods to these children.

The moments we live for!
Come, help us in spreading more such adooorable smiles. 💚

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