Vraksh – Plantation Drive.

It makes little sense to start describing how important trees are to us, to our Mother Earth because once we start this will become oh-too-lengthy! We at Prayaas Corps realized that only trying to spread awareness by talking about it is not going to help as much as it would if we start to act upon it.

Every year when the monsoons arrive in the months of July and August, our team at Prayaas Corps come together and conduct a plantation drive in the areas near our main office in Jaipur. Our volunteers on their birthdays donate one sapling each and we plant all these together during the drive. We do acknowledge that only planting saplings one fine day will not have the impact that we expect and that they need to be taken care of. Thus, we pay regular visits to the areas where we conduct the drives and responsibly handle the maintenance of the plants.

We believe that everyone, being a part of Mother Earth, should take up the responsibility of looking after the environment in whichever way they can. We beckon all those who have realized the true significance of what we aim to do to join us and be a part of the reason that will contribute to a better future. Volunteer with us and help us in painting the world green!

Ready to do your part for this cause?