Splash a Smile.

Sharing Lights, Sharing Happiness 🙂
Prayaas Corps celebrates Diwali at several places of India with orphan kids, Old Age Homes.
What they needed was just a hug and someone to share this festival. The sheer joy and excitement in their eyes made our day. We are so glad that we did it, we urge you to do the same. Instead of burning through thousands of rupees in forms of crackers, share some happiness in live of these underprivileged kids.
Go to your nearest slum or orphanage, share some sweets, fruits or stationary. The happiness you will receive will be unlimited. Every year, we celebrate Diwali with our loved ones. We share happiness, laughter, and lots of memories with our friends & family. But there for these kids, Diwali only means to see the streets & homes lightened up or watching people light firecrackers on roads. Let’s bring a change. Let’s celebrate #SabkiDiwali

Ready to do your part for this cause?