Roshni ki Kiran

“Let us flourish the light of love and see how darkness will disappear”

Without light during the night, even with great ideas, we can’t continue with most of our chores. Even imagining our world without electricity is difficult, so how can we even think of the amount of problems people who are deprived of the same face everyday.

Prayaas Corps on understanding the gravity of the problem decided to help people living in kachhi bastis by providing them with Solar LED light.These lights have inbuilt solar panels and can work for about 6-7 hours after which they need recharging. By installing such solar lights in the bastis, we not only increases the quality of their lives but also spreads awareness regarding the use of renewable energy. These lights are not  affected by weather change, are durable and affordable

The another motive behind this initiative is to support the Shiksha of the Kachhi Basti kids, which get affected in the absence of light.

Ready to do your part for this cause?