Leprosy Support Mission

“It is easy to console the ailing but quite difficult to share and feel it.”


Leprosy, a disease which still haunts rural India quite at large, is one of the primary causes of unhealthiness in India. Disfigurement in the individuals with untreated leprosy is the reason why they have been shunned and isolated for many centuries. Fortunately, current multidrug therapy (MDT) has reduced leprosy to a great extent and within one day of starting MDT, there is no risk of the disease spreading to anyone else. Lack of education, however, means many people affected by leprosy are still stigmatized, even after they have been cured, especially if the disease has caused irreversible disabilities. This is why the people suffering from this disease do not just suffer physically but also emotionally.

We understand the same and thus, on the occasion of World Leprosy Eradication Day, our team spends the day with leprosy-affected people in Kusht Ashrams and organises Interactive Sessions.

We also talk about the importance of cleanliness in our interactive sessions as poor sanitation often becomes one of the causes for many diseases.
The motive is to make a difference in the attitude of people towards their own people, their society, and their own nation.

Ready to do your part for this cause?