Gift Milk Initiative


Childhood brings with itself all those carefree days when we were not scared of losing anything. Memories might be different for everyone but the happiness we get with a simple flashback is what we all mutually share.

Due to various unfortunate reasons not all the children of our nation are lucky enough to get a childhood that is worth remembering. When childhood plays a major role in the shaping of a being it is our responsibility to come forward and give these children a present that makes them capable enough to live rest of their lives in their way.

We believe that a happy childhood is something which every child deserves and happy soul resides in a healthy body. Keeping this in mind, we during our shiksha mission where we teach these underprivileged children have taken an initiative to provide these children a glass of Bournvita milk every morning 6 times in a week. Various nutrients in this breakfast will lead to a strong immune system and they will be more focused on their studies. This gift milk initiative is proving dividend for us. Now those children are more interested in studies and thus are coming into the mainstream which itself is a great achievement for us and is still going on.

Ready to do your part for this cause?