Drive for Smile

“The day spend in bringing smile on someone’s face is said to be a day well spent”

Our team believes in bringing smiles to the faces of some unprivileged kids through an initiative ‘drive for smile’
This Initiative is a part of our Outreach Exposure Programmed under our Shiksha Mission project.

We just want those children to see dreams but with open eyes , which will get fulfill one day.
In this initiative we generally plan a local tour for these children in luxurious car.
It is actually an educational trip in which we tries to provide wings to their curiosity.
On the way back, a lunch party is given to these kids in luxurious restaurant. Meals may include Pizza, Chow mein, Pav Bhaji and obviously ice cream can add flavor to the taste of delicious lunch.

All these things are something they always dream for but, can’t afford .
We believe in making them understand , that in this huge world there is someone who cares.

Ready to do your part for this cause?