Nothing can replace the happiness received from giving back to the society. जन्माष्टमी उत्सव was celebrated with much valor at our प्रयास की पाठशाला, Pratap Nagar. To bring Smile on the faces of special kids, our team planned to celebrate this festival with the less fortunate children and their parents. Celebration began with the Pooja of Lord Krishna followed by a performance on Lord Krishna’s life and then, much awaited दही हांडी। It was a very special experience for our kids and their families to celebrate a festival this way. त्यौहार को इतनी संजीदगी से इन वंचित तबके के बच्चो ने पहली बार मनाया। Even the communities members were very amazed to see the younger generation taking a lead and trying to bring marginalised community back into the mainstream society. We ensure to celebrate all festivals and other major days with the underprivileged kids to bring Smile on their faces.

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